Montana Wilderness Association

Volunteered with Montana Wilderness Association (MWA) 2008-2017 in various marketing and publicity roles to gain experience in nonprofit communications and board leadership.


MWA Volunteer Roles:

Publicity Coordinator

Marketing Strategy Consultant

State Council Board Member (2014-2017)

Chapter Board Member (2009-2013)

Community Engagement Coordinator

Millenial Engagement Advisor



Montana Wilderness Association Content Samples:

Wilderness is Community

December 2015


“Eight Challenging, Guided Hikes in Western Montana”

July 2015


“Eight Family-Friendly Outings in Western Montana”

July 2015


“Six Wild Ways to Spend Your Summer”

June 2015


“Sentry to the Wildland”

June 2015


Radio spot for Montana Public Radio “Field Notes” segment:

Field Notes Wilderness Act August 2014


Press Releases:

MWA Press Release Film Fest Oct 2013

MWA Press Release WW Kickoff Party May 2013

MWA Press Release Baxter Class July 2013


Please also navigate to the “Nonfiction” page to view additional publications written for the Montana Wilderness Association.


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