US Forest Service

From 2009 to 2014, I was an intermittent Writer/Editor for the United States Forest Service.  This position included multiple month long to year long assignments based on specific projects.  I have written many agency documents including Resource Analyses, Notifications of Use, Wilderness Permits, and employee guides and information booklets for firefighters and recreation employees.  I have also edited Environmental Impact Statements and assisted in writing prescribed burn proposals.

From 2012-2013, I worked with scientists, specialists, park and forest supervisors and district rangers from the National Park Service and the US Forest Service to create an in depth analysis of the Flathead River watershed in northwestern Montana.  This analysis is a critical step in the Forest Planning process and involved many agency employees and multiple revisions.  I was the Writer/Editor and Designer for the entire project.  I also worked extensively on the layout of the document, edited each scientists’ documents for readability and checked facts, and wrote the introduction, conclusion, and appendix.  The document can be viewed here:

Forest Service ORV Assessment 2013


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