Nonfiction Publications:

Place Where You Live:  Jumbo Lookout

Orion Magazine

Wildfire in the West Has Become and Uncontrollable Force

High Country News

July 5, 2016

How I Changed My Submissions After Editing a Major Lit Mag


February 2016

“CDT Montana:  An Outdoor Enthusiast Volunteer Mecca”

Montana Magazine

February 2016

“Nature Writing, Undefined”

Tahoma Literary Review

October 2015

“Reflections on Wilderness”

Published on and recorded for Montana NPR ‘Field Notes’

September 2014

“Out From Behind the Screen:  Wilderness Changes Lives”

Honorable Mention, Best Conservation Stories of 2013, November 2013

“Learning to Live With Wildfire”

Writers on the Range

High Country News, July 2013

(syndicated to publications around the west, including the Jackson Daily News, Active Times, Missoula Independent, etc)

“Out of the Nest and Into a Tent”

Writers on the Range

High Country News, February 2009

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