“Obligation, North” “Obligation, East” “Obligation, South” “Obligation, West” – Crab Orchard Review – (pages 316-319 in Issuu, pages 295-298 in text), 2018

Which is to Say” – Featured on Poets.org, 2015 (Winner of an Academy of American Poets Award)

All the Clouds In Between” – University of Montana MFA Thesis, May 2015

“Den” – Tahoma Literary Review, December 2015

“Autobiography of Night,” “Which is to Say,” “Before Going Back”Ghost Town, October 2015

“Now, Hunger” – Bellingham Review, March 2015

“You Are One Hundred,” “Rock Garden” – West Trade Review, March 2015

“Basalt,” “Packing,” “Lilacs on the Walls,” “Types of Evenings,” “Frost Moon” – Lonely Whale Anthology, by Chatsworth Press, February 2015

“Driftwood Blanched,” “Coordinates,” “Telling,” and “Twenty Seven,” – Cascadia Review, October 2014

“The Most Silent You’ve Ever Seen Me” – Cirque Journal, Summer 2011, Vol. 2 Number 2, page 28

“Evaporation” – Whitefish Review, Summer 2011


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