Poetry Publications:

“Obligation, North” “Obligation, East” “Obligation, South” “Obligation, West”

Crab Orchard Review – (pages 316-319 in Issuu, pages 295-298 in text)


Which is to Say

Featured on Poets.org


All the Clouds In Between

University of Montana MFA Thesis

May 2015


Tahoma Literary Review

December 2015

“Autobiography of Night,” “Which is to Say,” “Before Going Back”

Ghost Town

October 2015

“Now, Hunger”

Bellingham Review

March 2015

“You Are One Hundred,” “Rock Garden”

West Trade Review

March 2015

“Basalt,” “Packing,” “Lilacs on the Walls,” “Types of Evenings,” “Frost Moon”

Lonely Whale Anthology, by Chatsworth Press

February 2015

“Driftwood Blanched,” “Coordinates,” “Telling,” and “Twenty Seven,”

Cascadia Review

October 2014

“The Most Silent You’ve Ever Seen Me”

Cirque Journal, Summer 2011

Vol. 2 Number 2, page 28


Whitefish Review, Summer 2011

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