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Hi! I’m a writer as my full time job, side gig, and whenever I feel like getting a few sweet rejection letters. I write nonfiction, editorials, magazine articles, poetry, SEO blogs, travel pieces, and more. 

I work full time in marketing and communications for an educational institution and previously worked in a similar capacity in health care. I’m also a freelance content writer for technology, healthcare, and tourism companies and I’ve written pieces for Alaska Magazine, High Country News, and Montana Magazine.  

I’m originally from southern Idaho, where I spent my childhood trying to find the most remote corners of the high desert with my family and learned a lot about wind chill factors. I earned bachelors degrees from Boise State University in English Writing and Spanish.

In 2015, I graduated with an MFA from the University of Montana in Missoula, Montana after learning that being the Editor-in-Chief for CutBank Literary Magazine means making the team a lot of pozole. I also got some cool stickers while operating the Missoula Smokejumper Visitor Center in the off season.

My ‘first career’ was a study in MREs and Nomex working for the US Forest Service for 14 years across Idaho, California, and Montana. I worked as a Wilderness Ranger, Wildland Firefighter, Aircraft Dispatcher, Fire Lookout, Visitor Information Contact, Writer-Editor, and Office Automations Clerk. My favorite job was working as a wilderness lookout at Jumbo Lookout, which you can read a little about here.

For fun, I like to learn new activities that remind me how my ballet training has not prepared me for lifelong sports like rafting, hunting, backcountry skiing and holiday bike parades.



2019                         ’20 Under 40′ Young Professionals to Watch in the Flathead Valley

2019                          Accreditation in Public Relations

2015                          Brainerd Foundation Fellowship in Environmental Writing

2015                          Academy of American Poets Award,Which is to Say

2014                           Nettie Weber Travel Award Recipient, University of Montana

2014                           Tucson Festival of Books Literary Awards, Finalist in Poetry 



(links available on Creative Writing pages)


2020                           Alaska Magazine, “It All Starts at the Yukon Bar,” Forthcoming May 2020

2016                           High Country News, “Wildfire in the West Has Become an Uncontrollable Force,” Writers on the Range, (syndicated to publications across the west) July 5, 2016

2016                           Montana Magazine, “CDT Montana:  An Outdoor Enthusiast Volunteer Mecca,” February 2016

2015                         Orion Magazine, “Place Where You Live:  Jumbo Lookout,” November 2015

2015                          Tahoma Literary Review, “Nature Writing, Undefined”

2015                           Montana Wilderness Association Website, various blog posts (please see Nonfiction, under Creative Writing)

2013                           Conserve Montana, “Out From Behind the Screen: Wilderness Changes Lives,” 2013 Conservation Story Contest Honorable Mention, November 2013

2013                           High Country News, “Let It Burn:  The Challenge of Learning to Live with Fire,” Writers on the Range, (syndicated to publications across the west) July 2, 2013

2013                           Assessment for a Wild and Scenic River, US Forest Service and National Park Service, January 2013

2009                           High Country News, “Out of the Nest and Into a Tent,” Writers on the Range, February 9, 2009



2017                           Crab Orchard Review, “Obligation, North,” “Obligation, East,” “Obligation, South,” Obligation, West,”  August 2017

2015                           Tahoma Literary Review, “Den,” December 2015

2015                           Ghost Town, “Autobiography of Night,” “Which is to Say,” “Before Going Back,” October 2015

2015                           Bellingham Review, “Now, Hunger,” March 2015

2015                           West Trade Review, “You Are One Hundred,” “Rock Garden,” March 2015

2015                           Chatsworth Press Lonely Whale Anthology, “Basalt,” “Packing,” “Types of Evenings,” “Frost Moon,” February 2015

2014                           Cascadia Review, “Telling,” “Coordinates,” “Twenty-Seven,” “Driftwood Blanched,” October 2014

2011                           Whitefish Review, “Evaporation,” Volume Five, August 2011

2011                           The Sun Magazine,Paying Attention,” Readers Write, July 2011

2011                           Cirque Journal, “The Most Silent You’ve Ever Seen Me,” Volume II, June 2011


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